10 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period.


Welcome back, esteem readers. Today, we will be focusing on women’s health. 10 things you should never do on your period. Stay glued and read on.

There are lots of things the society likes to tell women, what they shouldn’t do while on their period. Some women still believe that they cannot go out when on their menstrual cycle because of the fear that the scent will attract bears.

But thanks to the gynecologists, they have cleared some doubts and give guidelines on what a lady should do, and what not to when having her monthly visitor.

Take a look below, to learn what you should avoid when on your period.

1: Avoid salty diets: According to Dr Julia A. White at Cycle, said that, hankering for a food with high salt content can actually make your cramps worse with fluid retention and bloating. Which means that injecting diets with high salt content can worsen your cramps and makes it more painful. Avoid it.

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2: Using it as an excuse to exercise: Most ladies are guilty of this. Avoiding exercise during your period can actually worsen your situation. It is much better to exercise as it helps prevent bad mood swing with normally come with menstrual flow. Moreover, it helps ease cramping.

3: Having Unprotected intercourse: Engaging in an s3xuall relationship during your period can result in pregnancy. You should better avoid such

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4: Avoid Smoking: Research has shown that ladies that smoke regularly and during their period experience severe and painful period.

5: Avoid Using the same sanitary pad for the whole day: Using the same sanitary pad all day long can harbor bacteria and can add infection. It is better to freshen up and use a new one to keep bacteria at bay.

6: Avoid Douching: Some ladies do this. Is wrong, as one can be at the risk of contacting infections, STDs.

7: Don’t take Breast examination: Due to hormonal changes during menstruation. Taking a breast examination can cause more pain and may yield an incorrect result.

8: Don’t drink diaries: Drinking Milk and yoghurts or eating cheese during that time of the month can cause cramp because milk contains arachidonic acids.

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9: Going to bed without pad: Yes, this because a mess of your bedsheets. Though it can make you feel a bit uncomfortable it is necessary to wear a pad when going to bed.

10: Don’t feel depressed: Am using this point to rap up the above-listed ones. Menstrual period for ladies is certain, and there is nothing that can stop it unless pregnancy or menopause. Don’t feel sad, take up your hobby and keep yourself busy with what you like doing. With this, you will have less stress during your period.