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2 teachers of a private school caught fondling’ pupils in a swimming pool


Two primary school teachers in Mkueni county were busted after fondling their female students in a swimming pool.

Mr. Joseph Nduva Wambua and his colleague Mike Kioko who teach at step up zion Academy in Makueni were nabbed after a client of the hotel had given a hint to the security of their act.

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations DC confirmed that, the incident happened when the school had organized and taken all form 2 students for a tour Tsavo Inn Hotel in Mtindo Andei.

>>noted that the said perverted teachers were fondling two 13-yr-old girls in the false cover of the clear swimming pool.

Swiftly responding to the lady’s call, detectives rushed to the scene just as the two teachers were scampering into escape routes.

While Kioko managed to>>>

The two teachers who were entrusted with kids unfortunately turned out to be dangerous hyenas.

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A customer of the hotel apparently noted that the two teachers were fondling two female students in the swimming pool.

The customer after her observation quickly called the DCI who rushed to the hotel just when the two teachers were about to escape.

Nduva, one of the teachers was arrested by DCI while Kiovo successfully escaped apprehension.

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Nduva will be arraigned on tuesday while the search for Kiovo continues according to the DCI.