4 signs Girl shows if falling for you – 1 and 2 will happens eachday


When a girl is in love, she makes it so obvious that even you that she is crushing on will notice it. But meanwhile, below are signs a girl shows when she is Madly in love with a guy.

1). When she likes coming close to you like always sitting where you are sitting, smiling at you as you speak, and choosing to drink the kind of drink you are drinking whenever you guys are in a social gathering, that shows she likes you and want you to court her.

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2). She will be calling you frequently when she gets your number and when she calls when you are not in the mode to talk to anybody, she would not want to hang up but would want to try her best to make you lovely again. She would show you much care so that you can feel better.
3). She will insist on cooking for you when she realise that you have no food in your house, she can even go to the extent of cleaning and washing the dishes.

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4). She will always show you respect and listen attentively when ever you are speaking.

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