4 ways your phone is messing you up
4 ways your phone is messing you up

We are almost always on our phones, especially now when most people work from home.

In as much as our phones are great and help us in numerous ways, they are also messing us up slowly.

Here are 4 ways they’re doing that.

Ruins your sex life

A lot of studies have been done in this regard. A lot of people have their phones in bed with them even when they’re with their partners and tend to check every single text they receive… even during the act of sex. Instead of physical intimacy, partners are just on their phones and this tends to ruin relationships.


You do not mind buying data for the most unnecessary things. You aren’t exactly working online but you cannot seem to stop watching videos and using your phone to download the most ridiculous apps and games. You don’t mind paying for those games and spending money in them. If you’re in this boat, you really need to get a hold of yourself.

Makes learning difficult

A lot of students can testify to this. It’s so hard trying to peel yourself away from your phone and focusing on your studies especially when there’s always something happening on Ghana Twitter or when you post on Instagram and you keep getting notifications.

Can make you depressed

A lot of people noticed this when news about the spread and death of corona victims kept going up in the beginning of the year and also when the Black lives matter movement was ongoing. Social media can dampen your spirit so much that it can lead you to being depressed. Sometimes you just need to put your phone down and live in the present.

Phones, much like fires, are good servants but terrible masters. You bought the phone so you need to control how you use it and the effects it has on you.