5 Things Nigerian Artistes Are Doing To Stay Relevant That Ghanaian Artistes Are Not Doing

Nigerian Artistes and Ghanaian artist


When you ask a Ghanaian artist why Nigerian musicians are keep staying relevant are doing far better at both local and international, the answer will probably be that, Nigerian Music Industry have better structures than that of Ghana Music Industry; well if there’s actually any.

How about if the narrative is different from the perception of Ghanaian artistes, and that Nigerian Musicians doing things to stay relevant other than having industry structures presumptuously pushing them on the global market? After all, there are still musicians struggling underground for hit in the Nigerian Music Industry.

In this article we are going to list five things Nigerian artistes are doing to stay relevant that Ghanaians artistes are not doing or probably not doing to the fullest.

1 Perfecting Craft

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This is the ultimate and the first necessity any artist must consider and uphold with his or her utmost passion. Perfecting craft basically is everything music. These include the lyrics of music, delivery of music, artist style of dressing, what artist project to the world, the news that surrounds the artiste to elevate him or her for the people’s attention and many more.

Burna Boy – Nigerian Afro Beat Artist

The Nigerian musicians are good at this and far better than Ghanaian artistes.

2 Pay Promotions

This is a bone in the spin for Ghanaian artistes. Ghanaian artistes are accustomed to free stuff and expect promoters to push and promote their songs for free on whatever platform the promoters have. They don’t really care about the cost involve in promotion, all what they want is promoters should promote their songs for free after they send it to them either through whatsapp or e-mail. Some Ghanaian artistes can be so disrespectful to promoters by asking the promoters to download their songs and promote for them. Can you believe this?

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Whiles on the other side, Nigerian artistes are so particular about how they promote their songs not only in their home country, but international.

There has been this trend about Nigerian artistes that immediately they realize their song is making wave in other neighbouring countries like Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and others. These artistes will fly as soon as possible to that country and make radio promotion of their songs, doing tour for live interviews and playing shows to register and deepen the wave of their song.

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In short, Nigerian artistes understand how paid promotion is so important to sell their craft and records and they don’t joke with it, unlike Ghanaian musicians.

Davido – Nigerian Afro Beat Artist

3 Consistency

Unfortunately, Ghanaian musicians after getting a hit or two, suddenly raises their horns and acclaim to themselves the superstar accolades and the end results is that, they immediately fade away from the music space and goes back to ground zero.

Instead of working hard to push through the thorns when they taste having a hit song for a month or two, they will rather brag about waste precious time where they could create more good songs for their fans so that they can stay on top with their consistency.