5 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Sexy and Overcome Relationship Anxiety


Relationship anxiety can strike any woman from time to time, causing her to question whether she’s good enough or her relationship will last. Most women know that this fear won’t do them any good, but they can’t help it—it just happens sometimes! If you have relationship anxiety or your partner does, here are five tips on how to make your woman feel sexy and overcome relationship anxiety.

1) Tell Her She is Beautiful

Telling your woman she is beautiful doesn’t mean you are lying or that you don’t care about her mind. It isn’t patronizing. It is a sweet way of reminding her how special she is to you, which in turn makes her feel sexy and secure.

2) Affirm Her Mind and Heart

Before sex even happens, it’s important that your woman feels comfortable around you. Compliment her on something she did earlier in the day, or tell her she looked amazing in a photo you saw of her on Facebook. Showing interest in what she does during a day will make her feel valued by you.

3) Write Her Notes

Notes are a super easy way to make your woman feel loved. It’s one of those things we take for granted, but actually taking time out of your day to jot down three or four words on a piece of paper will make her feel special. At least once per week, let her know you notice something she does that makes you happy, then leave it somewhere she can easily find it (in her purse is ideal). She’ll love how much attention you’re paying to her.


4) Initiate Secx

If you have an issue with initiating sex, you’re not alone. Many couples struggle with a partner who doesn’t initiate enough or at all. The key to resolving these issues is communication. The more vulnerable we are in our relationships, the better they work. Start by telling your partner how you feel: I miss feeling desired by you, It would make me feel sexy if you initiated more often, etc.

5) Touch Her Intimately

There’s nothing like a little intimacy in your relationship—and we don’t mean sex. Kissing, holding hands, cuddling—these are simple acts that create a bond between you and your partner. One of your roles as her partner is to make her feel wanted. There is no better way than by physically touching her in meaningful ways throughout the day.


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