5 Weird Reasons Why Women M0an and Make Sounds During S*x


It can be pretty easy to understand why some women m0an during s*x. It’s usually to indicate that they are enjoying themselves, or to encourage their partner to keep doing what they’re doing. There are, however, times when m0aning seems like an odd choice. Some women do it without realizing it; other times it can seem so out of place that you wonder if she’s faking her 0rgasms! If you want to figure out whether she’s really into it or she just wants you to think she is, here are five reasons why women moan and make sounds during s*x.

1) Because they like it

The majority of women who moan during s*x don’t do it for any other reason than that they like it. They’re vocalizing their pleasure, which makes them feel good about themselves. If a woman is feeling anxious about her relationship with you, or if she just doesn’t trust you with intimate details, she won’t m0an or make those sounds. But if you two are on solid ground, a little m0aning can help her feel at ease in these situations.

2) They want you to know they like it


Research has found that women who moan during s*x tend to be more s*xually satisfied than those who don’t. The theory is that moaning sends out mixed signals—they want you to know they like it, but they also want you to slow down. So when a woman m0ans, she’s essentially communicating two things: she likes what’s happening, but there are some issues with how it’s happening.

3) They are scared you won’t like it

Even if a woman is m0aning, there’s a chance she’s doing it to sound s*xy, to make you like her body, or to satisfy her own insecurities. Your job? Work on your relationship anxiety together so you can reduce outside distractions. Maybe focus on touching other places during foreplay so you can leave room for her to moan in bed instead of fake it!

4) Because it feels good

The reason some women moan during s*x has to do with how our brains work. A study in NeuroReport found that stimulating a specific region of our prefrontal cortex increases sensations of pleasure, so it follows that if we’re more stimulated, we’ll make more noise.

5) Because they don’t know what else to do

No matter how great your s*x is, there’s always a chance it’ll take a hit when relationship anxiety comes into play. When you feel uneasy about your connection with your partner, you might also be uneasy about what to do in bed—especially if you’re afraid of doing something wrong. In order to stay calm during s*x (and actually have fun), experts say it helps to learn more about your partner beforehand.


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