7 texts that will make any Ghanaian guy happy
A happy guy

If you see a guy smiling at his phone, there are always only a few reasons why he’s grinning from ear to ear.

After an intensive survey (don’t doubt my methods) we found out that these are the only reasons why a man’s face will light up in joy when he picks up his phone!

“Congratulations your Bet ID paid out…”

This only means one thing. The bet turned out well and he’s going to cash out!

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“My roommate is not around”

This text usually comes right after “Can you come over?” and sometimes comes in the form of “Theres no one at home”. He knows it’s about to get down if he is lucky and the joy he’s feeling is indescribable.

Momo alerts

Everyone likes money but not as much as a guy receiving an alert from anyone. They get extra happy when it’s from someone owing them some money.

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“Make we link up”

Men loooove their male friends even though all they do is diss each other. When a friend texts that they link up in someone’s house or their favorite bar… they’d dance if they could!

“I’m horny”

If he’s weeping and wailing, I promise you this text will immediately switch his mood.

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Football banter with his friends

As long as he’s doing the banter and his team is winning, you’d see him smiling and texting!

So ladies and other gentlemen, now you know what will make that guy smile so…do it! Make his day!