7-year-old girl raises ₵25,900 to get lunch for less-privileged classmates


A little school girl identified as Emauni Jeanise Manley has embodied the true definition of humanity after she raised a whopping $4,300 (₵25,900) in cash to pay for the lunches of her mates who couldn’t afford it.

The 7-year-old second-grader who hails from Charles County, Maryland in the United States of America has become the toast of everyone for he heroism.

The young girl told NBC that she noticed some of her classmates were having only cheese sandwiches in their lunch.

Online reprts says Jeanise teamed up with her mom, Rosalynd Manley after discovering that some her classmates wee not able to afford lunch.

She consulted with her mother, who is also a teacher in her school and they were able to raise funds on Facebook towards helping deprived kids in her school who couldn’t afford to pay for their lunch.


Their initiative received support from hundreds of people who donated money towards their project.

Exceeding expectations The duo initially targeted to raise $800 (N330k), but within a week, they raised over $4,300 (N1,7M), Total News 24 reports.

Manley became an author at the age of five. She is also a model and an entrepreneur with her own clothing line, EmauniJ Collection, a T-shirt line she designs herself.

Photos of Jeanise