8 funny nicknames Ghanaians have for some of their food
8 funny nicknames Ghanaians have for some of their food

In Ghana we have an endless option of lots of flavorful meals but one thing we also have is a range of funny names we use for some of our food.

Who gives nicknames to their food?

Ghanaians! That’s who!

Plantain and beans

Nickname: Gob3 / Red Red

It’s Gob3 when gari is added and it’s just plain red red when there’s no gari and it’s just plantain with beans stew.

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Nickname: Face The Wall

A meal made from dried and pounded cassava that is eaten mostly with groundnut soup.


Nickname: Bro Charles

Roasted, grilled, boiled, fried … there’s something special about Bro Charles that people love and others hate.

Roasted groundnut with corn

Nickname: Graphic and times

It’s a very tasty snack and gives you some really pleasant breath when you chew it.

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Roasted plantain

Nickname: Kofi Brokeman

It’s roasted ripe plantain, sold and eaten with groundnuts.

Fried rice

Nickname: Check Check

The name only applies to fried rice sold by the streets. Any other kind is just fried rice and oh ps: it has to be made by a man!

Cat meat

Nickname: Joseph

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Yes, some people eat cat. Don’t ask.

Ice cream

Nickname: Abele Walls

Homemade milk ice cream popsicles!

The next time someone says they’re going to get some Joseph or Bro Charles, you know exactly what they mean!