Now before you start overreacting, calm down, relax and just enjoy some Tuesday humour!

To be an official Slay Queen, you need to make sure you check all these boxes!

You cannot be an accomplished slay queen without an active Instagram and Snapchat account to flaunt yourself and your lifestyle and of course your ability to twerk.

Strategic names

Make sure your handles have something like ‘Queen’, ‘Empress’ in it.


Get a photo shoot done regularly because your IG feed needs to look good and make sure you always show some skin.

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Make up and human hair

Don’t slack and make them catch you without your makeup on unless you’re trying to let the “haters” know you look good with or without makeup.

Wear designer clothes

A slay Queen isn’t a slay queen without her designer clothes. Fake or real. They can be gaudy or subtle.. depends on how you want it but you need to make sure you wear what’s considered the “in thing” in fashion all the time!

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Roaming ambassador

A slay queen is like an ambassador for nice places so make sure you always get into the nicest restaurants, go to the nicest resorts and countries too if your slaying can transcend borders.

Bio: Influencer

Put influencer in your bio because once all the twerking and skin showing keeps coming, your following will increase and when it does, you can call yourself an influencer!

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iPhones are the official phones for every slay queen. If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you have the latest iPhone!

Motivational caption

Seal the slay queen status by making sure your captions usually talk about “fake rich people” and “haters.” You can also spice things up and talk about working hard everyday while posting a video of yourself pouting at the camera in a car.