Another blissful day to continue how my Fun Day was exchanged for Sadness. Samuel unhooked my dress from the back and forcing to take of my bra. I screamed for help but no one was coming to my aid. Sammy took off my dress leaving me half naked.

The goat out of Sammy has gotten him taken off my bra and dress. He was talking undertone to himself, he said “you have been distancing yourself from me all this while, am letting go off this opportunist”.

He was next directing his action to pulling off my underwear of which i have sworn by my life not to allow any man enter into such act with me until he pulls down the vial . Strength from nowhere made me stretch my right leg to hit him towards the car gate. He fell off the car as i also jumped down and begun to run to no direction in mind.

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I was felling much dizzy but managed to escape done to be used as a meal for this hungry bastard. I ran and hide behind a tractor which was about 100 meters away from where Sammy was. I saw him running to my direction as he holds his stomach. He got to my direction but with no idea about where i was hidden. He was very furious and eager to get me for his satisfaction. I was showing half of my private part as my dress was taken down by Sammy.

He was moving from one tractor to the other in search of me. Almost 50 tractors were packed at the moment of which i was hidden around the 46th tractor. I was playing hide and seek with him just to save my life. it was about 3:45 am with still darkness in the sky. I mistakenly stepped on a sharp metal of which i couldn’t endure the pain anymore, so shouted.

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Now he found out where i was hidden so he just walked straight to my place. He never got any bad feeling about how the object have wounded me. He hitted me hard on my shoulders to make me more weak and pulled down my underwear. I said to my self “am finished”. Thou i believed in God but my hope was lost then. Sammy stripped me naked and decided to pull out his manhood and enjoy my pride.

Out of no where we heard a strange noise heading towards the direction. Sammy out of fear tried to run away but he was caught by the guys. I was feeling shy being naked in front of guy so i bowed down in tears as one called me by my name Psamuella, i raised up my head to watch, there it was Cashezz, the guy i met at the program. He asked me what happen. I didn’t know how to explain to him. I searched for you after the program ended but couldn’t find you. I met this guys at the mart, where you went to get the drink. I overhead their conversation and tried to make a follow up to your rescue. They also decided to join me because they were the very ones who saw Sammy drugging the Ice Cream he bought for you.

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