Ashawo disciplines man who refused to pay (Video)


If persuasion fails, force is applied ! How could you partake in the administrations of an individual and decline to pay a short time later?

A video that has surfaced on the web catches the second a man would not pay for the administrations of a s,,ex specialist subsequent to partaking in her body for the entire evening.

As indicated by reports, the s,ex laborer charged the man 100,000 Naira which is identical to GHC 1,813.37 yet after dawn and was finished with delivering perfect support of the man, he proposed to pay just 50% of the concurred sum.

Upon conflict, the man chose to menace the woman however sadly for him, individuals who were available at the scene leaped to her guard.

The man had to top up the 50,000 naira he had given to the woman to summarize to the N100,000 they had at first settled upon.
This is one reason I generally contended for the authorization of prostitution. They are inclined to mishandle and attack.


They are no less people since they render administrations. Their entitlement to be treated with pride is substantial. On the off chance that you should partake in a help, pay for it.


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