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Best Personal Injury Lawyers


If you’ve been injured or are experiencing any form of legal trouble, it’s important to get an attorney on your side.

There are many different types of lawyers, but personal injury lawyers have experience dealing with situations like yours and will be able to provide expert advice.

Looking for your local best personal injury lawyer? We can help you with that—we’ve gone through our directory and selected what we believe are some of the most qualified attorneys in Australia today.

Check out our list below to find someone who might be right for your situation.

Kevin Bartlett

  • Firm: Sparke Helmore Lawyers
  • Recognized Since: 2013
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Practice Areas: Aviation Law Insurance Law Personal Injury Litigation

Andrea Boyd-Boland

  • Firm: Sparke Helmore Lawyers
  • Recognized Since: 2022
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Practice Areas: Litigation Personal Injury Litigation

Nick Blayney

  • Firm: Thomson Geer
  • Recognized Since: 2020
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Practice Areas: Personal Injury Litigation

Paul Baxter

  • Firm: Hall & Wilcox
  • Recognized Since:2011
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Practice Areas: Commercial Law Insurance Law Motor Vehicle Law Personal Injury…

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