Ghanaian on-screen character and spouse of artist Choir Master, Beverly Afaglo burrows at socialite Akuapem Poloo for commending her child’s birthday with a bare photograph.

Today (June 30) marks Akuapem Poloo‘s child’s birthday, and as an enthusiastic mother, she took things somewhat further to make the day uncommon by discharging a stripped photograph with his child and joined by a passionate letter.

She communicated her profound love and enthusiasm for her child and clarified that she went exposed on his birthday since “this is the means by which bare I was bringing forth you, so on the off chance that you discover me stripped lying some place don’t pass by me yet rather consider me to be your mother who breathed life into you.”

In any case, Beverly Afaglo considered the to be as cringeworthy.

Responding to the photograph, Beverly said it’s off-base for Poloo’s child to see her exposure at this age, including that children of today know excessively and it’s undesirable too.

She wrote in a: “Goodness why? Awww no chance. Be that as it may, for what reason is the kid wearing briefs and she is stripped? I don’t acknowledge sprucing up within the sight of your child who is over 3 years. These children know an excessive amount of nowadays and it’s not beneficial for them.”