BIG YAWA! Slay Queen Fails Wife Material Test After Burning Yam She Was Cooking For Her Lover


A young lady has suffered the biggest humiliation of her life after as she failed to wife material test when she visited her boyfriend.

The lady who has been living the life of her slay queen met her waterloo as she burnt the yam she was preparing for her boyfriend in a visit to his house.

In a video sighted by, the slay queen clad in blue-coloured hair was seen in the man’s kitchen trying to hide the burnt yam she was boiling after scraping the yam from a cooking pan which was destroyed by the burns as a result of her lack of cooking skills.

Apparently, her boyfriend rushed to the kitchen after perceiving the smell of burning food on fire only to discover that the lady he planned on making his wife had burned the yam and was trying to hide her ‘crime’.