Another set of WASSCE students shower praises on Prez Akufo-Addo for assisting them write their papers with ease.

As some last 12 months college students rain curses on President Akufo-Addo for deceiving them with a textbook which incorporates past questions but it did not mirror in their ultimate paper, a special set of WASSCE college students have lauded the President for supporting them write their papers with ease.

In a video noticed by xclusiveblog .com, the college students have been full of praises for the President for making their tests very effortless because the questions they saw in their papers are similar to questions in the textbooks provided through government.
According the intermediary in the video, he has never completed a science examination on time earlier than being it mock or an cease of term examination however with these ultimate exams, he has been able to finish it on time and he is constructive that he will get a correct grade.

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This simply suggests that the President has performed his part in giving free, exact and exceptional training to Senior High students but it is left for these college students to sit their ass down and study in order to be in a position to write and pass.

Some few days ago, social media was awashed with movies of some remaining year SHS college students complaining about their exams.

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The students defined that the questions have been difficult and invigilators were also strict now not allowing them to copy their fellow colleagues. This resulted in college students vandalizing college houses and insulting the President for setting challenging questions fro them which is no longer true.

But in the case of these students, the President has made things very convenient for them and they are grateful.