KNUST conclusive day scholar Emmanuel Awoa arrested for murder his lonely Thomas Kwame danso for still to pay him Ghc 1200.

Video from UTV Youtube control intelligence that He intentionally called his tardy acquaintance who was an Uber driver to fall to pick and choose up a little Chinese passengers to an unidentified location

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Unfortunately the motive behind his label was to slay him as he has been remaining him for living and anytime he pose him to refund him he continuously cry he’s not having money.

This nonstop rejoin triggered his badly philosophy to eradicate him with the alleviate of a ally in sort to the car which does not be in the right place to his delayed friend

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Now after being of the car proprietor Daniel Owusu not bearing in mind and inquiry something about his car from the in the nick of time Uber driver he reported the rationale to the regulate and out of a thorough investigation by the police

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They institute out the murderer was influential the car after he killed his acquaintance.

Watch the Video,