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BREAKING NEWS: Student dies after clashes at registration centre


Student dies after clashes at registration centre

One individual has been executed in Banda in the Bono district over an encounter at an enrollment place.

Reportghana.com mentary possibility for the voting demographic faced sibling of the MP for the zone, Ahmed Ibrahim, over reasons not yet known.

The expired, as per the MP, was an instructor preparing graduate who was coming back to the zone to educate his parent regarding his consummation of studies.

The data accessible to Star News shows that soon after the enlistment place occurrence, the people went to the place of the sibling of the MP at Tabie.

The episode allegedly activated outrage among inhabitants of Tabie who mounted barriers trying to vindicate the assault.

MP for Banda Ahenkro giving Starr News his record of the episode stated: “the sibling of my adversary who is the NPP parliamentary applicant was captured with imperceptible powers and vigilantes with ammo and firearms causing commotion and unsettling influences at the enrollment place.

The military cum police cum migration group who captured him, discharged him only 30 minutes in the wake of capturing him. In this way, they carried the show to the police headquarters without the offenders. Furthermore, this was upon the intercession of the Locale CEO.

“In this way, in the wake of liberating these folks, they returned to the enrollment place and they were all jubilating that they are in power and will show we the NDC where the force lies.”

He went on “I thought it was a joke. The next day, yesterday, the parliamentary applicant along with his sibling who was captured and vindicated went to my home assaulted my sibling in the full glare of the police, beat him to the point that they thought he was dead and they left him there. At that point he was sent to the medical clinic and is getting treatment.”

“From that point forward, the network individuals sorted out in the territory and said that vehicle which came to do this ought not pas there once more, and that coordinated the mounting of boundaries in different networks. as I’m talking now there is a circumstance of rebellion,” he demonstrated.


He, nonetheless, noticed that the perished was an “understudy from the Eastern area. A preparation undergrad who had recently finished. In this way, he was on his way from the researcher to the network to tell his folks he had finished school.”

“They are similar individuals who assaulted my home,” he claimed.

Police Ace for Bono area Boss Auditor Augustine Oppong as at the time he talked on the Noontime News today said he can’t affirm the demise until examinations are finished.

He noticed that some police officers have continued wounds from the conflicts.

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