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‘By June de3’ – Ghanaians react to coronavirus cases hitting 2000 plus

'By June de3' - Ghanaians react to coronavirus cases hitting 2000 plus

Call it sarcasm or a conspiracy theory but the idea of the coronavirus wreaking havoc in the country is fast gaining prominence on Ghanaian social media as the number of infected cases crossed the 2000 mark.

Since the confirmation of the first case, the catchy phrase “By June de33 na obia awu’ has been used repeatedly on social media platforms to create humour out of the pandemic but with the numbers now soaring to unexpected levels, the reality is now dawning on some Ghanaians.

Hours after the country announced its latest number of cases, the Akan phrase which translates “By June, everyone will be dead from COVID-19’ was among the top trends on Ghana’s social media space, specifically Twitter.

While significant chunk of the tweets were the usual witty and comical ones, a good number had messages that portrayed the growing sense of apprehension among Ghanaians.

An announcement by the Ghana Health Service on Thursday April 30 indicates that 403 new cases has been recorded, pushing the country’s total number of cases to 2074.

The regional distribution has the Greater Accra region being Ghana’s epicentre with 1,795 infections followed by Ashanti with 99.

Eastern is next with 70, Central has 21 while Oti and Upper East have 19 each.

The rest are Volta, 16; Northern, 13; Upper West, 10; Western Region, 9; North East Region, 2; and Western North, 1.

The number has shot by one to 17 while the recovery cases has also increased 122 from 188.

Below are some comments from social media

Nipple Nation Chairman@ChairmanNation

By June De3 https://twitter.com/akua_nana_/status/1255795601880596481 

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Nungua Rihanna 😍@Akua_Nana_

2074 cases with 212 recoveries
17 deaths now 😔😔💔💔

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Kwaku Highest@kwaku_highest

By June de3….na obiaa ay3 funeral 😃

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King Hulu🗿@asanteniiba

De cases keep increasing n de traffic in town keep worsening , By June de3 …

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Abena 💋@abenaasexy

2,074 cases? By June de3 …

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Eeeiiii like play like play corona is deadly ooo
By June de3 hmmmm@Perrysarkcess3 @sarkodie @gyaigyimii @BenopaOnyx1 @adwoa_brucelee1 @kobby_kyei

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King Hulu🗿@asanteniiba

Let me dance my last azonto dance @StrongmanBurner ft @GhDopeNation because by June de3 ….@GovnarAli @Papaskanty @regivanhelvert @Pope_Cee @iamonegodfather @CallMeKobby I challenge u guys

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” By June de3 ” the number of casualties would have been Up by then and not a single soul would be left on earth.

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Eli Daniel-Wilson@DeAristocrat

Oh then by June de3 https://twitter.com/norbertelekes/status/1255876053572235266 

Norbert Elekes@NorbertElekes

UK: Coronavirus vaccine could be ready by September, says Oxford University.

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Dragon Boy 🐲@1realaphaderly

Oh By June de3 🚶😴

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Why lift lockdown and preach social distancing to these market people? By June de3

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King Hulu🗿@asanteniiba

2,074 cases !!!!! By June de3 …

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Ameyaw Debrah


The Ghana situation now

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Empty your bank accounts…. Sell everything and chill coz by June de3 ⚰️⚰️💔

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Chale we taya sef


Serious o. In just a month an a half, from 2 to over 2000. En3 l33 l33l3 by June de3, w)f33… 🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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Marhme Barnes@MarhmeB

pinininininini ……………by June de3 🤸🏾‍♂️🤸🏾‍♂️🤸🏾‍♂️

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