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Challenge our requests and acknowledge the cold hard truth – FDA dares Shatta Wale and others

Challenge our requests and acknowledge the cold hard truth – FDA dares Shatta Wale, others

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has tested Shatta Wale and different VIPs who are taking steps to resist their requests to feel free to do as such on the off chance that they have enough ‘balls’.

Head of Industry Support Services Department of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Mr Kofi Essel who is presently advocating the restriction that denies Ghanaian big names from promoting alcoholic items showed that the laws of Ghana will radically manage people who ridicule the sets of the FDA.

Talking in a meeting with Mzgee on 3FM’s Showbuzz appear, the FDA official focused on that the way that Nigerian famous people are allowed to promote alcoholic items doesn’t really imply that Ghanaian VIPs will likewise be given the command to do same.

“The way that Nigerian famous people are permitted to publicize mixed drinks doesn’t really mean the circumstance in Ghana. We have mentioned solid objective fact with the impact of famous people on minors and we’ve concocted guidelines that will protect our circumstance,” he said.

He repeated that the FDA would stay unfaltering in its journey to secure the eventual fate of the Ghanaian youth particularly as they are been sponsored by the administration of Ghana to complete such activity thus Shatta Wale and co should halt from opposing their requests.

“There’s a law in Ghana which is the general wellbeing demonstration of 2012, Act 251 and that demonstration says that for the FDA to accomplish its work, FDA need to draw rules and these rules have been created. These rules says that you can not do this, you feel free to attempt it. Release anybody ahead and attempt it and we’ll see whether there are laws in Ghana or not.” Mr Essel challenged famous people


Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale approached his kindred performers in Ghana to go along with him in the city to release a substantial dissent against the Food and Drug Authority’s restriction that keeps from embracing or publicizing alcoholic items.

In a video posted on Facebook, Shatta Wale revitalized an energetic approach his associates to go along with him in walking to the workplaces of the FDA and administration to mount huge weight on the specialists to audit the boycott.

As per Shatta, big name supports fills in as their significant wellspring of income subsequently FDA should lift the boycott with prompt impact.

Why the FDA set a prohibition on Ghanaian big names

Around five years prior, the FDA made it realized that big names couldn’t promote alcoholic items. It clarified that the boycott is an adherence to a World Health Organization (WHO) strategy and endeavors to guarantee that minors are shielded from being attracted into liquor addiction.

Kofi Essel, Head of Industry Support Services Department of the FDA in a meeting said his outfit can’t lift the restriction on mainstream figures underwriting mixed drinks.

He told Graphic Showbiz the FDA would not permit any famous figure to contrarily impact the young. He rather asked that famous people should bolster the move as opposed to approaching the position to cancel its choice on the premise that their wages had decreased because of the boycott.

“Would you be able to envision somebody like Shatta Wale or John Dumelo underwriting mixed refreshments for their fans who are presumably beneath 18? What will they be letting them know? The utilization of liquor is as genuine as firearms, and I would prefer to argue that superstars bolster the reason,” he said.

“Notable people can possibly impact their adherents who are not lawfully allowed to have liquor or use liquor. Considering that rules have been set to direct tasks of mixed drink organizations, including ad of their items and this is the explanation notable people are not permitted to underwrite the items.”

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