Home News COVID-19: Trotros to carry two per row from Thursday

COVID-19: Trotros to carry two per row from Thursday

Trotros to carry two per row from Thursday

Business transports have chosen to diminish the quantity of travelers they convey per push by one from tomorrow, Thursday, 26 March as a major aspect of endeavors to guarantee social separating in the battle against the Coronavirus episode.

This implies transports that convey three on ordinary days will presently convey two for every column while the individuals who take four for each line will do three.

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union is, in any case, approaching the administration to lessen fuel costs for business drivers to empower them proceed with the new arrangement until typical occasions return.

Since Ghana recorded instances of the pandemic, there have been calls for clearing changes in different segments of the nation’s economy.

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Conspicuous among the calls is the decrease of the quantity of travelers that business transports (trotro) convey per push so as to watch the social removing arrangement in open vehicles.

President Nana Akufo-Addo, consequently, on Tuesday, 24 March 2020, met transport administrators and proprietors to discover ways by which they can adjust the current open vehicle arrangement.

Addressing Class News, the Industrial Relations Officer of the Greater Accra part of the GPRTU, Mr Abass Ibrahim Moro, said the quantity of travelers can be diminished if the legislature will set up measures to help drivers and transport proprietors.

He stated: “We are stressed over the coronavirus and the manner in which we load our vehicles – shoulder-by-shoulder – and we’ve turned out with a proposal that the administration should perceive what it can do [to help us].

“All alone, we’ve asked our drivers to viable from tomorrow [Thursday, 26 March], the three sitting limit ought to be decreased to two while the four sitting limit ought to be diminished to three.”

Mr Abass, in any case, clarified that if this is managed with no pay from the administration, the drivers will quit working and there will be no autos accessible in the city to ship Ghanaians.

“Along these lines, we are stating the administration should check whether there could be a coupon so the fuel could be decreased with the goal that we can satisfy the working needs,” he included.

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