Crying husband begs side-guy to leave his wife alone


Gone are the days’ wives used to beg and fight side chicks to leave their husbands for them but it appears the coin has finally turned in favour of women.

A crying husband has called out her wife’s side-guy for refusing to leave her alone and wrecking his matrimonial home in the process.

According to the husband who doesn’t want to lose his wife, he has called, texted and Whatsapped the side guy but he hasn’t rece9ved any positive feedback yet.

He went on to add that, his wife has filed for a divorce from him and that’s what breaks his heart to the core.

As revealed by the husband, the side-guy has taken advantage of his 6 years of absence in his wife’s life to take his position but he wouldn’t sit aloof for that to happen.


You can’t fully balmed the wife though, because truth be told, 6 years without your partner can be tempting. These are some things couples should discuss before one party relocates