Dave Chappelle's attacker jailed for stage tackle

Dave Chappelle's attacker jailed for stage tackle

The man who attacked comedian Dave Chappelle on stage earlier this year has been jailed for nine months.

Chappelle was tackled in front of a stunned audience at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles in May, while performing for a Netflix special.

The attacker, 24-year-old Isaiah Lee was also carrying a knife concealed in a fake gun, police said.

On Wednesday Lee was sentenced to 270 days behind bars after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanour charges.

Clips shared on social media showed him charging into Chappelle during his set at the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival.

After the incident, fellow comedian Chris Rock and actor and singer Jamie Foxx joined Chappelle onstage to show their support to him.

While Chappelle was not injured, Lee was taken to hospital for treatment. Photos of him shortly after his arrest show Lee with a bloody and bruised face. At the time of the incident, US media reported he was punched and kicked by security guards.

Dave Chappelle attracted criticism in late 2021 when his Netflix special was accused of being transphobic. Around 100 people protested outside Netflix's headquarters of the airing of the show, and a live gig in Minneapolis was cancelled hours before he was due to take to the stage.

In an interview with the New York Post after the attack, Lee said he was bisexual and was offended by Chappelle's comments about the LGBTQ community.