Destiny Etiko opens up on her relation with Chinenye

Etiko adopted ‘daughter’ Chinenye Euchario

Destiny Etiko opens up on her relation with Chinenye

Destiny Etiko has openly informed her fans online that she and her adopted ‘daughter’ Chinenye Euchario are no longer in good terms in a new post shared on the internet hours ago.

This airing was spilt out in the open after the actress whose humungous backside has been incorporated into her persona was questioned by a fan if she has any intention of adopting another person when she was recently mobbed by her fans akin to how she met Chinenye while riding a bike.

Apparently, Destiny had jumped from the bike to acknowledge cheers from her fans, after which she opened up.

In this regard, the fan queried;

“How they almost hurt themselves jumping down from bike ????‍♀️ just to greet me….I had to quickly stop…Love u guys right back❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for capturing this beautiful moment❤️ @irene_ibekwe”.

In furtherance, one netizen observed that the actress did not want to adopt anyone again, hence the reason she zoomed off immediately after exchanging pleasantries.

“Lolz…destiny no wan adopt again, she jejely drive the go front” she said.

Responding to this, the Nollywood thespian agreed with this assertion, intimating that she won’t discover and nurture anyone again because Chinenye was disrespectful and ungrateful, albeit not mentioning her name.

“My sister, since there are lots of disrespectful and ingrates….am done o”.

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