Doctor details why no serious s£x should go beyond 5 minutes

A couple in bed

A TV guest believed to be a doctor has given some strong Sexual tips that everyone must give attention to.

Sexual activities has become a major problem in many relationships and collapsing many as a result, its always the men at the receiving side with almost every woman forced into judging a man how strong he is enough by the number of minutes he can deliver in bed.

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Unfortunately, those who couldn’t go beyond the expectations of the woman are tagged as “Under one Minute”. This has led to many men also boosting their performance with Some enhancing drugs just to satisfy their partners, something the said doctors warns could affect them.

Teaching about some wide range of topics during a health Theme discussion in the studio Kantaka TV the man identified as Effa Bafo Gyamfi stated emphatically that no good sex goes beyond 5 minutes of performance.


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