“Dogs Are Better Than Men”-Lady Says; Netizens React


A lady idnentified as Maria Maries has made a controversial and “useless” comment on social media which has drawn the attention of many social media users as they descend on her on Twitter.

According to the lady, the comparison between men and dogs is an insult to dogs because apparently, dogs are better than men.

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She believes that men’s desire to be chasing women around and their inability to remain loyal makes it very disrespectful for them to be compared to dogs.

She wrote on twitter; we need to stop saying “men are dogs” cause that’s an insult to dogs please. dogs are better than men. shalom

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Well, her tweet sparked some controversies on the platform as men who felt her tweet was pointless descend on her for making such a statement against men.

See the screenshot of some of the reactions below: