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Eat local nourishments to forestall unexpected losses – Professor Akosa

Eat local nourishments to forestall unexpected losses - Professor Akosa

A previous Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, has raised worry about the rate at which ongoing way of life and dietary patterns are prompting the unexpected losses of a ton of the Ghanaian common laborers.

He has thusly encouraged Ghanaians to return to their previous methods for eating nearby nourishments and vegetables and exercise normally to decrease the expanding number of individuals under 60 years who are kicking the bucket at a disturbing rate due to non-transferable infections (NCDs).

Prof. Akosa, who is likewise a Cellular Pathologist and Lifestyle Wellness Consultant, was talking at the tenth National Development Forum sorted out by the National Development Planning Commission in Accra last Wednesday evening.

It was on the subject: “Setting up Preventive Focus for Health: Lifestyles for National Development”.


Prof. Akosa said late research on autopsied populace report in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ghana showed that nine percent of individuals who passed on in the UK were under 60 years, while the individuals who kicked the bucket in Ghana under 60 were 80 percent.

He said the individuals who passed on under age 65 were 85 percent in Ghana, while the individuals who kicked the bucket in the UK inside a similar age were 19 percent.

The pathologist clarified that the under 60 passings in the UK were for the most part because of street mishaps and individual disasters and not disease, however in Ghana it was because of poor ways of life and the utilization of terrible nourishments, prompting NCDs.


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, during the State of the Nation Address to Parliament a week ago, approached residents to change their ways of life taking into account the rising spate of NCDs.

He said in spite of the fact that the nation had gained ground in destroying the transmittable maladies that used to be the fundamental driver of mortality, “we are at risk for falling into the way of life illness trap.”

The President included: “Such a large number of us are overweight, and corpulence is an expanding issue, even among youngsters.”

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He included: “The nourishments we eat, the method of cooking, and the absence of activity are for the most part presently having an extraordinary impact on our wellbeing. It is time we as a whole figure out how to assume liability for our individual wellbeing and acknowledge that our wellbeing is especially controlled by our way of life”.


Prof. Akosa noticed that Ghanaians were encountering a high commonness of hypertension, diabetes, malignant growths, kidney sicknesses but the nation was not prepared to make a framework where a real existence cycle approach was the standard.

He communicated worry about the ongoing circumstance where offspring of exceptionally youthful ages, who should play and have a ton of fun to build up their framework, we’re acquainted with thorough training framework that didn’t permit them to have enough rest and recess.


He said most refreshments contained more than the suggested sugar content, more prominent than the stipulated 22.5 per level of vitality necessity.

Addressing natural product juices, he stated, expending them was not equivalent to drinking new organic product juices, including that “on the off chance that it was a smoothie, that would be fine since it contained all the fiber yet the bundled organic product juices came up short on all the benefits of the fiber.”

“On the off chance that we drink the organic product squeeze the manner in which we drink water; it gives you what we call sugar stun in light of the fact that the greater part of these natural product juices contain fructose corn syrup which are extremely sweet. They will say no additional sugar yet the fructose corn syrup is there”.


Prof. Akosa focused on the significance of a thorough 30-minute daily exercise system which would enable the body to locate its own particular manner of amending a great deal of the issues that accompanied poor way of life.

“At the end of the day, on the off chance that you don’t work out, you are not healthy, in the event that you work out, you are headed straight toward great wellbeing,” he exhorted.

He saw that Ghanaians were keeping themselves from practicing due to infrastructural surrenders, absence of walkways, and where there were walkways, they either had hazardous openings or were utilized by individuals to show their products available to be purchased.

Mental exercise

The pathologist additionally informed Ghanaians to come back to propensities with respect to perusing, messing around, for example, ludo, ‘oware’, snakes and stepping stools, chess, drafts and the preferences since they were mental activities.


Non-transmittable illnesses are answerable for 43 percent of all passings in the nation, driving the Ministry of Health to dispatch the Ghana Advocacy Agenda for People Living with NCDs on May 21, 2019.

The Advocacy Agenda serves to reinforce reaction to NCDs at the national, provincial and nearby levels in the nation.

It is a compass for common society and individuals living with NCDs to request activity from leaders, encourage them to meet duties and put the individuals first.

NCDs in Ghana

As indicated by the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the major NCDs were cardiovascular sicknesses, malignancies, diabetes, ceaseless respiratory infections and sickle cell malady.

The GHS records conditions, for example, hypertension, stroke and diabetes as conditions that influence both the youthful and old, urban and rustic, and rich and poor networks.

It gauges that up to 48 percent of Ghanaian grown-ups have hypertension and nine percent have diabetes.

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