ECG Power Queens supports Koforidua Prisons to fight coronavirus

The Eastern Regional branch of Power Queens Club of the Electricity Company of Ghana(ECG) has donated items to support the Koforidua Prisons Service in the wake of COVID-19

The items worth GHc6,000.00 include 25 cartons of assorted drinks, 5 cartons of razor blades, 25 cartons of bar soap, 4 cartons of toothpaste, 3 cartons of toothbrush, 3 gallons of liquid soap, 2 boxes of pain reliever drugs, 10 cartons of toilet tissue and 800 pieces of loaves of bread.

Presenting the items, the President of the Eastern Regional branch of Power Queens Club, Mrs Evelyn Ayayi said, the gesture formed part of the club’s social responsibility.

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She said the club annually make such donations to institutions within the region and that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to donate to the Koforidua prisons since prisoners formed part of the vulnerable in the society.

Mrs Ayayi explained that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone on the globe and that vulnerable groups in the society needed support.

“Prisoners are among the most vulnerable to disease outbreaks, and COVID-19 is a real threat to prison health, therefore it is appropriate to reach out to our friends in the prisons in such difficult times “, she indicated.

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Deputy Superintendent of Prisons(DSP) Adekerker Charles Teye of the Koforidua Prisons who received the items on behalf of the Koforidua Prisons thanked the group for the donation.

He appealed to society not to consider inmates as outcasts and that it is important to show love and care for prisoners, because the prison can be a second home for anyone so it was important for prisoners to be seen as part of the society.

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Mr Teye assured the queens that the items donated would be distributed accordingly to the 700 inmates in the prisons.

He appealed to other institutions and social groups to emulate the actions of the ECG Power Queens to support the prisons.

He stated that items such as Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), immune booster drugs are most needed at this time to help in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 in the prisons.