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Finally I Got Wedded (Real Life Story)


Am Abiba, a 24 year old young lady who have been in a bad relationship for 3 years. I was born and raised in a poor family but never lost hope in life. I took my junior high education serious and excelled in my finally Exam which gave me entry into the Senior high school. After high school i passed and got scholarship into one of the most respected Universities in the country.

I then met Charles in my second year and fell in love with him. When I met this guy I thought it was him. He gave me sweet words which made me believe in him. Charles loved me and finally I fell in love with him much. I kept him as my priority, did everything to please him. I went to prove to him i really love for him.

Charles was too blind to see the love i have for him and the best he could do was keep telling me how gorgeous other girls are. He always complained about almost everything in my life. I began to have low confidence as though I am disgraceful and I didn’t feel appealing.
One sunny day he committed an error calling me edgy. He disclosed to me I wasn’t the kind of young lady he needed to get hitched to and it really broke me to pieces.
I was in Campus going to sit for my tests and I was unable to consider and even wish to end it all however I express gratitude toward God since he talked significance in my life. I remained before the mirror and took a gander at the wonderful lady. I’m myself, read for tests and did it well.
I graduated from school and found a job at one of the largest companies in the United States Of America.
At the beginning of this year I met a gentleman named Fred who didn’t even want to wait for him to put a ring on my finger and right now I’m engaged and I’m going to marry one of the best men in the world, thou i found it difficult giving my heart a second chance to enter the land called Love.
I understood a ton of things I was unable to have accomplished on the off chance that I was still with Charles. I enjoyed life with my husband and made up a peaceful family. We were blessed with 3 kids.
One sunny day i was driving from work to home when i got a call from Charles. I declined the calls for an hour before trying to get back to him, thou i didn’t know what he was about to discuss but wasn’t interested with his talks.
Around 5 pm later in the day,I went to meet him. He was surprise to see me driving my own vehicle and wearing a ring on my finger. He was unable to accept what he was seeing.
I took him to one of the biggest cafe in town, ordered some drinks and had a chat with him. He shouted after our conversation and asked for forgiveness but it was too late.

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