Flowking Stone Seeks Greener Pastures In Europe After Being Snubbed By The VGMA [Video]


Radio One presenter, DJ Slim has made a hilarious reaction after a viral photo that captures Ghanaian rapper, Flowking Stone preparing soup in Europe.

According to him, the once talented rapper has shunned music after his failure to make hits in the industry like his colleagues and he has turned himself into a professional soup preparer.

He said that since his career sunk, the rapper is now seeking greener pastures in Europe since he is not doing so well in the music scenes. He said that the rapper is suffering from Rural-Urban Migration which is part of the topics being studied by JHS students.

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Well, it seems the “Go Low” hitmaker has temporarily hanged the microphone and now working in restaurants as a soup preparer to reach ends meet.


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Well, the talented rapper has been missing in action for a while and a section of Ghanaians and fans are wondering if he has quitted music for good or taken a short break after he was shunned by the VGMA in this year’s edition.

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Recall, the rapper took to social media to lament how bias the Ghana music industry is and the inappropriateness in the organizers of the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

According to him, he would rather stay in Europe rather than return back to the bias music industry in Ghana.

His sentiments come after he was snubbed by the board of the VGMA in nominating him for any of the categories.