Frustrated unemployed university graduate threatens suicide over hardship in Ghana


Life in Ghana in recent times is hard. We all can attest to this fact. Nothing seems to be working and the citizens are in weighty pain.

But regardless of the hardships, we are still grinding hard to make ends meet so as to feed ourselves and our family, at least to make life a bit comfortable.

To everything, there are exceptions and this is the case of one young unemployed university graduate.

This young man who according to a post sighted has his name as “Predator” is fed up with life in Ghana already.

Sharing his frustration in a NABCO National Group on Telegram, Predator (the frustrated unemployed university graduate) threatened to take his life due to the hardships.


His sentiments come on the back of the fact that nothing is working in his life even at age 32. And he thinks ending his life is the best way for him to escape the adversity he’s facing.

One could sense from his remarks to the group that indeed the man is in a tight corner and life is not having a smile at him at all. He’s ‘bleeding’ to the core and the only thing he can think of is to commit suicide.