Furious Jose Mourinho blasts refs AGAIN as Roma boss demands ‘explanation and respect’ after Fiorentina defeat


JOSE MOURINHO blasted the referees as his side lost 2-0 to Fiorentina last night.

Roma looked leggy as they slumped to defeat, just days after booking their place in the Europa Conference League final.

Mourrinho was left fuming by his side’s defeat

After being beaten by superior La Viola on the night, Mourinho aimed a verbal attack at officials – demanding “respect and an explanation”.

He told DAZN: “What’s happening is frankly too much. We want an explanation. We want respect.


“The explanation… we’ve been waiting for an explanation for a long time and we have no explanation.

Tammy Abraham looking dejected

“There is a double explanation tonight. Obviously, after Thursday’s game we were certainly lacking physical and mental energy, compared to a side that had all week to prepare.

But I want to hear the explanation from Mr Banti of Livorno, which is not far from here. I already saw the footage, it’s a touch, not a foul.

“The referee was close by and did not give a penalty. In the VAR room, Mr Banti intervened.

“Aside from the penalty, Fiorentina were also stronger, they played at a different tempo and with concentration, so they deserved to win.

“The problem is we are not talking about just these three points, but the many, many incidents that we have no explanation for.


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