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“Giving your girlfriend money can destroy your relationship” – Jessica Opare tells men


Award winning Ghanaian media character and YouTuber, Jessica Opare Sarforo has encouraged men to quit giving their lady friends cash since it can wreck their relationship.

As per Jessica who additionally serves as a relationship master and mentor, many folks accept that giving their better half cash will support their relationship yet that is a long way from reality.

She contended that the more you provide for ladies, the more they fall head over heels for your hand and not your heart and they will find another person to cherish.

In a way that would sound natural to her;

“Individuals could believe that giving their accomplice cash ensures devotion, ensures love, ensures a blissful relationship however I am here to let you know that it is really not the situation.

Assuming you are somebody who has put together your entire relationship with respect to cash as the answer for everything… there’s a contention and the following thing you do is give her cash to proceed to purchase her number one thing, go out to shop, what you are doing is really harming your relationship since cash can’t be the answer for everything. There is something else to life besides cash.

“Cash is incredible, cash is great, cash makes things more straightforward, a ton of things yet it isn’t the answer for each issue,”

Jessica Opare finished her entries by adding that ladies who set financial expectations frequently will leave the men when they can’t give sometime in the not so distant future.

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