Guy takes to his heels from the restaurant after lady ordered food worth 3,000 cedis


Some ladies are very greedy and wicked because how can one person alone order food worth 3,000 cedis just because she’s not the one who will pay for it after eating.

A smart guy swiftly took to his heels from the restaurant after a lady he went on a date with ordered different kinds of foods worth $400 which is almost 3,000 cedis.

As revealed by the guy, after the lady ordered the expensive foods, he asked him if she would follow him home but the lady refused and insisted that she was tired and needed some rest.

He then called the waiter who served them and paid for his share of the meal which was only $50 and hurriedly left the restaurant.


As of now, he doesn’t know how the lady paid the remaining $35o because she told him she was low on cash.

Many ladies forget that there’s nothing like free lunch, men are not fools to be throwing money around if they won’t be getting any form of reward in kind.