“He Promised To Leave His Wife & Come For Me” – Lady Who Had An Affair With Married Boss Shares Lessons Learnt


A lady has narrated how she was left heartbroken after a failed promise by her married boss at her workplace.

According to the write-up captured on YenMotion.com, the anonymous lady revealed that her boss who is married but was having an affair with her promised her that he will dump his wife and marry her.

The lady said that she became strongly attracted to her boss and they did some things together, however, everything they shared has crashed down.

The narration reads;

When I was younger, I was the class representative and the college secretary. Naturally, when I started a new job, I felt lost amid all the experienced people who knew so much more than I did.

I’m not saying I was a haughty lion who couldn’t stand taking orders from strangers, but I did find it strange taking orders from strangers.

I was fresh out of law school, and I felt like a meek sheep amid a pack of lions. But my boss quickly drew my attention, and it wasn’t long before I developed a crush on my married boss.

My job required me to go through appraisals, sometimes several at once. Even though it wasn’t much, I was new and it felt like a burden on my shoulder. It took me hours, if not days, to get through one.

The people I was assigned to work with aided me in getting into the swing of things. My first experience with a serious legal matter was observing how things were done.

The deposition was held between two businesses. That was possibly the first time I saw my boss in a different light.

My 45-year-old boss sat calmly at the table and kept a straight face throughout the name-calling portion of the deposition.

While the junior lawyers were almost at odds, he kept his cool and settled the dispute between his lawyers and the opposition lawyers, rescheduling the meeting for a later date.

The boss was a decent man. And he had a keen eye for resolving business disputes. All I knew was that the most senior executives were close to him.

Naturally, I admired him. He made the newcomers work hard, but he also knew when to send us home. We worked nearly twice as hard as the firm’s permanent employees.

So, yeah, we admired him. But I had no idea I was falling for my boss.

My boss’s respect quickly turned into a crush.

There were times when he appeared to be in a bad mood. I took on a crushing weight load to gain his approval and seek his mentorship.

He never praised, only nodded. “Have you forwarded the documents to them?” Do you have any? Alright.” Then there was a nod.

I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying my job or working to please him, but I put in a lot of effort. Very quickly, and that means two years later, I was getting a larger share of the serious work than the other freshers.

I began attending more meetings, followed up with my boss after the meetings, and discussed potential approaches. My crush on my boss was too clichéd for me to notice.

Soon, the group of vultures I was working with got a whiff of my liking, and sniggers and smirks began to follow whenever I had to clear a doubt with my boss.

But I continued to have feelings for my married boss and never thought anything was wrong with that.

My crush on my married boss became an affair.

My unbearable crush on my boss was more of a deep-seated liking than a crush. And possibly love, I reasoned.

So when my boss was overly friendly at a dinner party, I was completely taken aback. He praised my work ethic and commented on how well I dressed.

He was married and had a son who was finishing high school. Everything was familiar to me. At one of the official dinner parties, I even met the wife.

It was his gradual, staggering compliments that drew my attention to his changing behaviour toward me. I was frequently complimented on my work.

Late-night office hours entailed lighthearted banter. He revealed that his son had been accepted to a good college. I mentioned that my brother had recently given birth to a son.

He quickly realized that the late-night shifts were exactly what he was looking for. We went out for coffee and drinks, and the compliments quickly turned into a full-fledged affair. Before I knew it, I was in love with my married boss.

He began making late-night phone calls after his wife had gone to bed. I never inquired about his relationship with his wife.

He never asked her name, and I never said it either. I was afraid that mentioning her name would give life to his infidelity and make me an accomplice – the third wheel in a marriage.

I heard he was getting a divorce because his wife had cheated on him. Deep down, I was relieved, and the sense of guilt faded. I was almost relieved that my crush on my married boss was working in my favour.

The company policy began to bother me. Could we make our love public if he got through the divorce? He assured me that no one in the company could harm him because he was so important. And he certainly was! He had powerful friends, so he must have been powerful as well, right?

I was under the impression that my married boss was divorcing me.

And if he’s willing to abandon his wife for me, he must adore me. We went on “work trips” together, and it wasn’t until later that I discovered he had little love nests in all major cities.

I was once pregnant, but he “cared” for me. And that was fine with me because I didn’t want a child out of wedlock.

By this time, everyone was speculating about the affair. He never made anything public and forbade me from speaking to anyone.

Three years later, we continued our affair in private. When I arrived at the office after a particularly steamy night in one of his outhouses, I was greeted by my group of people staring at me. His wife had entered the room with another woman, and they were having a loud conversation.

He never even filed for divorce from his wife, it turns out.

So he was having an affair with me while still married to his wife. The other woman was a friend of his wife’s – yet another woman he had slept with after promising to divorce his wife.

When the woman harassed him, he left her and never spoke to her again. The wife found out about me and confronted me at work, questioning my morality and calling me names.

She was, of course, escorted out after the authorities intervened.

I recall the looks my coworkers gave me that day. My boss, on the other hand, had it even worse. The wife conducted a thorough investigation into her cheating husband.

And because this wife’s father was a politician, you can imagine the thorough investigation that was conducted against this boss man I once admired.

After the fiasco, he either resigned or was asked to leave. I’m not certain. But things got out of hand, and I had sleepless nights and extreme mental stress as a result.

Something I never expected my crush on my married boss to develop into.

I received a lot of criticism as a result of this. After about a year, I relocated. I started working for a different company. I now have a better understanding of the hierarchy. Men are included as well.

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