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Health Minister will not give Haruna Iddrisu handshake over dread of getting coronavirus

Haruna Iddrisu

Health Minister Kwaku Agyemang-Manu has would not warmly greet minority pioneer Haruna Iddrisu in parliament over apprehensions of getting the destructive novel coronavirus which has executed in excess of 3,000 individuals all around.

The clergyman who is additionally the Member of Parliament for Dormaa Central, had gone to parliament Wednesday morning to brief his partners on measures taken by Ghana to forestall and deal with the infection in the occasion a positive case is recorded in the nation.

Despite the fact that Ghana has not recorded any coronavirus case, the clergyman advocated his refusal to warmly greet the Tamale South MP, expressing the way of life of handshaking in the nation must be kept away from as a component of measures to forestall the spread of the infection which broke out in China in January this year.

Forty speculated cases have been recorded in Ghana since the episode yet totally demonstrated negative after lab tests.

In spite of this, Mr Agyemang-Manu said told parliament: “Our customary handshaking society should now be stayed away from however much as could reasonably be expected.”

As needs be, he included, “I would not warmly greet my excellent companion Haruna, the minority chief, at the beginning of today in the chamber”.

The priest underscored the requirement for visit handwashing and scouring of liquor spirits as a feature of measures to keep one from getting the illness which has been pronounced a wellbeing crisis by the World Health Organization.

Mr Agyemang-Manu exhorted the general population to keep a separation of at any rate 1 meter from an individual giving indications of fever, hacking and additionally experiencing issues in relaxing.

“When [you have] contact with wiped out individual or conceivably swarmed surfaces or articles, it is exhorted that you forgo contacting your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands,” the pastor prompted.

He urged the overall population to look for treatment quickly at the closest wellbeing office if disease is suspected and side effects happen.

The pastor said data on counteraction have been created and dispersed through the media, taking note of there are continuous radio and TV conversation on Ghana’s readiness towards a potential coronavirus case.

“We unequivocally encourage unimportant travel to and from influenced regions ought to be disheartened however much as could reasonably be expected,” he offered.

In the interim, Mr Agyemang-Manu has declared Ghana is attempting to tie down a remotely found office to be utilized as isolate place for novel coronavirus (covid-19) cases.

“Another remotely found 100-bed limit office is being made sure about with the end goal of isolate for qualified people,” he stated, and guaranteed the office will be prepared for use in about fourteen days from now.

“So far, we’ve not discovered any Ghanaian that has gotten this illness either in nation or even outside nation,” Mr Agyeman-Manu stated, and guaranteed that the legislature and its improvement accomplices were endeavoring to keep Ghana from recording a coronavirus case.

He expressed that a holding room has been recognized at nation’s primary section point, the Kotoka International Airport, to use for suspected cases.

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge) and the Tema General Hospital have just been assigned as treatment and segregation focuses, yet the Minister said all the five instructing and 10 territorial medical clinics in the nation can possibly oversee covid-19 cases.

These offices, he noted, have been locked in by the Health Ministry “to test how prepared they are for any consequence”.

Likewise, case supervisory groups have been prepared.

An aggregate of 5,000 PPEs have been obtained and circulated to all districts and significant wellbeing offices and purposes of passage in the nation just as some chose wellbeing offices. More are being acquired by government to help secure our cutting edge laborers.

More reagents and groundwork are likewise being obtained for the two wellbeing research focuses at the bleeding edge of testing for coronavirus cases in the nation.

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