Here are the 5 types of seniors you’ll definitely meet in high school


Senior High School in Ghana is most students’ first experience of the out-of-home lifestyle.

That is where we meet seniors, fellow students who are ahead of us and have spent a lot more time in the system than us.

Seniors can make or unmake your life in the boarding house, don’t ask us how, we don’t make the rules.

There are mainly 5 types of seniors you’re likely to encounter and if you don’t encounter at least 3, you’re probably in a correctional facility and not a Senior High School.

Here are the five types of seniors you’re likely to encounter.

The Bully:
The first on the list is the bully. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about these seniors. They’ll make you scrub the bathroom with your nails, put a bar of soap in a sponge and beat you with it; horrific no?

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Well, there definitely are bullies but of the subtle kind. They’ll just take your provision, so best make your shito extra hot and don’t write your name on your sardines.

They’ll punish you now and then just for pleasure. Nothing serious, just kneel for hours, do some weeding, take some slaps on the back of your hands, you know? Simple stuff. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

The School Mother/Father

The second type and enemy of the bully is the protective school mother or school father.