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How a Ghanaian Chief deceived the Danes in 1693, took their mansion and later sold it back to them

How a Ghanaian Chief deceived the Danes in 1693, took their mansion and later sold it back to them

Osu Castle, otherwise called Christiansborg Castle, is a stronghold situated in Osu, Accra, Ghana.

Christiansborg Castle was worked by Danish colonialists in 1659 on a land acquired from Paramount Chief Okaikoi of the Ga ethnic gathering.

Throughout the years, the stronghold was shuffled between the Portuguese, Swedish and Danish. Now and again it was taken over forcibly; different occasions it was purchased.

Holding onto the mansion

In 1693, Asamani, an Akwamu Chief, intended to hold onto control of the palace by method for a shrewdness stunt.

A fruitful dealer and warrior, Asameni moved to Accra, got capable in the Danish language and masked himself as a cook and mediator to make sure about work at the château.

He examined the site, and its tenants and activities, including the boats’ appearances and flights just as those of brokers, shippers and other people who worked and visited the Christiansborg château.

The Akwamu was a state set up by Akan individuals (right now) that thrived in the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years.

Asamani educated the Danes that he would accompany a gathering of Akwamu merchants to buy ammo.

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In 1693, Asamani and 80 furnished men imitating dealers entered the manor.

Since it was acknowledged practice to test stock before buy, the men were given ammo.

Be that as it may, they had likewise shrouded ammo, powder and shots under their garments.

Once in the manor, the Akwamu assaulted the clueless Danes.

A savage fight followed. Seriously injured, Governor Janssen ran away to close by Fort Crevecoeur.

Numerous Danish vendors and authorities were harmed, and some were taken to Akwamu as prisoners.

Asamani and his men caught the palace.

The Akwamu pioneer, Asameni involved the Christiansborg palace for a year naming himself “Senator” of Christiansborg Castle, exchanging with shippers from numerous countries.

He supplanted the Danish with the Akwamu banner.

In 1694, Asamani sold the post back to the Danes for 50 signs of gold (400 troy ounces, worth about $666,920.00 Today) however held the keys.

The AKwamu Legacy

The Keys are still in the ethnic gathering’s ownership till this day and it had since been kept by the Akwamu as a trophy and a glad image of the obstruction by the Akwamus from the Danes.

In 1957, when Ghana got free, with Queen Elizabeth II as head of express, the stronghold became Government House, the living arrangement of the Governor-General.

At the point when Ghana turned into a republic in 1960, it turned into the home of Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah.

Christiansborg Castle is as of now denoted a security zone and isn’t available to stroll in guests.

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