How can we spend $400 million on Nat’l cathedral – Kwaw Kese bemoans

How can we spend $400 million on Nat’l cathedral – Kwaw Kese bemoans

Rapper Kwaw Kese has questioned Nana Addo and his government over the amount of money budgeted for the construction of the national cathedral.

Kwaw Kese in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM said that there are more rampant churches and drinking spots than educational and health facilities in the countries.

“Th form of governance we’re practicing right now is a foreign and impractical idea”, he said.

We need somebody who thinks about Ghana. Somebody who wants to see Ghana prosper. Somebody who wants to see more schools than churches. Somebody who wants to see more hospitals than churches.

“Somebody who wants to see more companies built than more bars and drinking spots,” he indicated.

On how rampant churches are, he cited: “As I speak to you, you can go to some schools and notice how the entire facility is divided into different churches per classroom.”

He wants all churches centralized.

“We’re worshipping one God,” he stressed and asked why various denominations of the Christian faith cannot worship together. “Why should we have different churches?”

The ‘The World’ hitmaker argued: “We are worshipping one God and if you claim you’re worshipping one God then that one God should not discriminate between the various denominations because we’re all worshipping one God.”

“Why can’t the Christians do the same?” he asked. 

“There are thousands of churches,” he said and estimated: “We have more churches than schools in Ghana. We have more churches than hospitals. Meanwhile, people are dying and you can go see the situation at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital – some people are sleeping by the gutters.”

“Ghana is a so-called Christian country and we are spending over US$400 million to build a Cathedral,” he worried.

Were he the president, he said: “I’d close a lot of churches.” 

“Let’s use the money for building churches to build factories,” he emphasized.