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How My Uncle Lost Control After Seeing A Curvy Lady – Man Narrates


A man identified as Odi Praise on Facebook has taken to the platform to share a story of how his uncle lost control after encountering a heavily endowed and curvy lady.

Odi Praise claimed that the voluptuous lady came into his compound to search for a house and after his Uncle saw her, he lost his mind.

Captured on Theinfogh.com, Odi Praise wrote:

“I was busy with my phone when this lady walked into the compound. She was tall with gigantic b00bs, a big bum like the size of two watermelons.

She gently walked past where I was sitting, swaying her big bum. As she passed me, I turned staring at her bum as it changed coordinates as she walked. As I was staring at her, I felt a dirty slap at the back of my head.

“Odi, commot eye for woman nyash, commot eye, leave woman.” Uncle Kuti uttered.

I was angry, the slap left me speechless as I stared at him like I wanted to cry. As I was about to reply in anger, the lady with big buttocks walked back towards us.

“Hello, sorry. Please I am looking for the landlord.” She said with her tin romantic voice.

“The landlord? the—” as I was about to complete my statement, Uncle Kuti gave a heavy knock on my head. The knock dived deep and left me silent.

“The Landlord what? The landlord what? I will be here and you want to say something about me.” Uncle Kuti responded in exasperation. “Please don’t mind him, I am the Landlord. How can I help you?” He cooed beaming a smile on her.

“Thank God, I am looking for a one-room apartment. I am a single mother, I just want a one-room apartment for the main time.” She explained.

Uncle Kuti smiled at her, then laughed and said,

“You are wise, you are a wise woman. Thank God you didn’t go to another compound. We deserve to have you in this compound. You are a full package, God dey create.” He said.

“I don’t understand,” she said.

“Don’t worry I will explain.”

Uncle Kuti went and brought her chair. When she insisted to see the empty rooms, he was just beating around the bush. Before I could say Jack, he rushed outside the compound and bought her Maltina and fish.

“What for, sir.” She asked.

“Don’t worry, it’s costumer care.” He replied.

I was watching this movie, in my very eyes and I wanted to know how it will end.

The woman saw fish and Maltina then stopped complaining. Uncle Kuti kept on telling her.

“You already have a room. I am the landlord, you don’t have any problem.” I was looking at this woman as she was munching and drinking the Malt..

After she was done eating, he told her she can now see the room. He then walked her to his door and opened the room.

When he opened his room, she saw his things then she said.

“Oga na empty room I dey find ooo.”

“Don’t worry, just come inside.” he insisted but she refuse to enter the room.

They started dragging.

“Oga just show me the empty room,” she insisted.

“Ma, don’t worry come and see something.” Uncle Kuti kept echoing.

“Oga leave me, Oga leave me na room I come find no be short time I come.”

“No worry, enter make we talk, na me be landlord I get house for you.” Uncle Kuti kept saying with a soothing voice.

As they were dragging, our landlord drove in with his Mercedes 190.

“Hey, hey, what is going on here?” Our landlord shouted.

“Ahh, Oga landlord nothing, sir. Na fellowship.”

Immediately the lady heard him say Oga landlord, she used her left hand and dashed him a dirty slap.

The slap threw Uncle Kuti to the ground.

“So no be you be landlord, if say I know I for don mend you since.”

She turned and was about to go but uncle Kuti jumped on his feet and held her waist.

“You no dey go, you go pay me for fish wey you chop.”

She will slap him and he will fall down and still come back and hold her waist. Saying,

“That fish money, madam you must pay ooo.”

Thank God for our landlord who intervened and made it known to the woman there was no empty room. © Odi Praise”.

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