How This Slay Queen Makes 1,000Ghc Daily Will Shock You

Below is a slay queen named Ama Richest in an interview with Dj Nyaami on SVTV Africa revealed how she makes 1,000 cedis every day from snap talk sex.

As per her, the least cash she makes in a day is 500 cedis.

Talking on how she engages in sexual relations with men for all intents and purposes, Ama Richest said “I complete five minutes video, where I groan, or in some cases, show my bosom, and through snap visit, send them to my customers, in return for cash.”

She noticed that when a customer base needs her to go naked, it accompanies additional charges.

Clarifying that on SVTV Africa, she said “That one accompanies an alternate value; one which is higher than the previously mentioned, so if a customer needs that, I will do it for him”

Ama Richest additionally noticed that she gets her compensation from customers – Ghanaians and remote nationals through portable cash, world transmit or PayPal.

She noticed that she’s not a hookup young lady; one who lays down with men in their homes or lodgings for cash.

She professes to have dated more than 30 beaus, yet as of now, has one, whom she has been with for over a year; her longest relationship ever.

Then again, she needs to be an entertainer and the CEO of her own creation; the explanation she has left online sex work.