I Can’t Return Money I Made From Working With NAM1 – Stonebwoy Says


Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has revealed that he can’t return the money he made while working with NAM1 because they both engaged in services that brought them returns.

Stonebwoy reacting to rumors that money from NAM1 is fraud money said he has no evidence to that and even if it turns out to be true that the money he made from him was fraud money, he can’t return it because he rendered a service and got the returns.

According to him, if he returns the money he earned while working with NAM1 the services he rendered or they engaged in can not be returned, and moreover the company made more profit from his service than he was paid hence he can’t return the money.

After the issue with Menzgold, a lot of people seem to have issue with NAM1 and Black Rasta interviewing Stonebwoy tricked him by asking if he will return the money he made from NAM1 so he can pay those the company owes and his reply was just perfect.


If Stonebwoy had returned the money that means the services he made has been in vain and the company to had cheated him because they made a lot of profit from his services hence his reply is perfect for the question asked.

video below;