(+Images) Abena Korkor’s viagina on display


Famous Ghanaian actress, television show host and mental health advocate, Abena Korkor has gone another mile in the name of trending on the internet.

As we all know, Abena Korkor does anything humanly possible just to get her name on the street all the time.

Abena has shared a picture of her own viagina on her Instagram page that has gained over 50,000 reactions.

The born-again, Abena has gone far worse than the chopping list she usually drops just to shake the internet.

She captioned the trending photos as;


“I invested my heart, sweat, money and pussy. All I got was, I am a monster”

For privacy policies our web space, we cant share a picture of Abena Korkor’s honeypot over here but you can check it out on her Instagram page @missabenakorkor.


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