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Irate father stands up to his child and cautions him to quit utilizing TikTok star, Kelly as his WhatsApp profile picture


A man has faced his child and cautioned him to stop from utilizing TikTok star Bhadie Kelly as his WhatsApp profile picture.

The young fellow Kweku Sampson has taken to the web to share the message he got from his father who was not enthused with him for revering the TikTok sensation.

The man sent a voice note to his child on WhatsApp where he asked his child who the young lady on his profile picture is. He uncovered that she is presently the focal point of consideration on the web who he loves as he thinks that she is extremely appealing.

Kweku’s father then, at that point, advised him to bring down the image, however the kid said there is not a huge deal or amiss with involving her image as his DP.

At this point, his father blew up and forewarned him against noncompliance. He terminated him for continuously finding any woman he runs over appealing finding out if it’s a mind issue or illness.

In addition, he helped him that a ton to remember church older folks are on his contact list who could go over the enchanting photograph of the woman and that will be in a terrible taste.

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