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‘It Is A Great Thing To Say The Bible Said This Or That But You Must Also Be Bold Enough To Say What God Told You’ – Majid Michel Tells Pastors


Born-again Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has asserted that men of God and pastors should be bold to say what God actually told them rather than always referring to the Bible.

According to him, although it is good and great to refer to the Bible, sometimes it is not needed adding that sometimes all they need to do is to be bold to mention that it was God who told them some of the things they say.

He mentioned this in a recent submission when he was interviewed on Joy FM’s The Reason is Jesus program.

In his submission, he said;

“You hear most people say the Bible said. It is a great thing to say the Bible said but you must be bold enough to say God told me – the Bible is a written word and we have the voice of God that can tell you things that might even look like it is a bit contradictory to some of the scriptures you read. That is why you need a deep understanding of what is written to know what you are applying.

Jesus said go into the world and preach the Gospel. The Holy Spirit tells Paul, it (the Bible) said the Holy Spirit forbade Paul from going to Asia but I thought you said we should go to the world and preach the Gospel. So why are you telling me not to go to Asia? Because Paul is in tune and Paul can hear. That is what defines it, that is what you call the relationship.”

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