Keche recounts sad treatment at the hands of Jay Q



Most times, celebrities are tagged us pompous but many of us are not aware of the treatment they receive at the hands of industry players before breaking into the limelight. But that should not excuse their sometimes rude behaviour.

A member of Ghanaian music duo, Keche has revealed that they had to go through some unpleasant times to get to the heights they have attained now.

According to Andrew ‘Keche Andrew’ Cudjoe, these difficult and unpleasant periods never stopped them from pursuing their dream to do good music.

He shared one of many such memories with listeners of Y 97.9 FM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe hosted by Nana Quasi-Wusu (PM).

The musician revealed that when they started out, they wished to record with one of the best producers in the country and that is how they ended up at the doorsteps of music producer extraordinaire, Jay Q.

Recounting the memory, Andrew said, “When we went to record with Jay Q, he denied us access to his studio and made us wait outside for him whilst he worked on the song alone in the studio. He later brought us back the song after he was done”.

Rubbing more salt to their injury, the music producer refused to take payment for his service by hand. “He did not even touch the money but just asked us to put it in his car which we did”.

“We just wanted to hear his signature tune at the end of our song as we were up and coming boys regardless of being hurt, we still held it tight and forged on”.

The duo never released the song officially but it was just uplifting for them to play the song to their friends and anyone who cared to listen telling them, “we recorded the song with Jay Q”.