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Keep to Coronavirus protocols as you return to school

Ghana's coronavirus cases have risen steadily


Students and pupils have been advised to keep to the COVID-19 safety protocols as they return to school on Monday, January 18, to stay safe of the disease.

The Reverend Thomas Henry Quamson, Head Pastor of the Assemblies of God, Holy Ghost Worship Centre at Ashaiman, said the students should not overlook the protocols as prescribed by government and the World Health Organisation because the disease was still prevalent with the number of cases rising.

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He urged students and pupils to educate their peers, who may want to disobey the safety directives, on the dangers of the virus.

Rev. Quamson, during Sunday’s worship service, advised the much younger ones to avoid the temptation of sharing their nose masks with their friends and that they should use them properly to fully cover their noses and mouths.

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He advised parents to ensure that they provided their children with all the protective items, including nose masks and hand sanitizers, to prevent them from using those of their friends in school to keep them safe.

Rev. Quamson prayed for God’s protection over each student and pupil to go through the academic year without any mishap.