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Kofi Adomah nearly died after his wicked ex-wife poisoned him – Kofi TV worker reveals [Video]


One of Kofi Adomah’s employees has come forward to clarify the situation around his boss’ marital problems with Mrs. Miracle Adomah and his ex-wife.

Since openly thanking Mrs. Miracle Adomah for sticking by him despite his cheating and having children with many women, Kofi Adomah has come under fire.

A woman provided an audio clip to the gossip website Aba The Great describing how Kofi Adomah crushed the heart of her friend, with whom they have children, while Mrs. Miracle Adomah was basking in the compliments.

The woman who spoke on the audio claimed that Kofi Adomah had a happy marriage but deserted his wife after meeting Mrs. Miracle Adomah, driving her nuts.

A Kofi Adomah employee has come out to correct the record as the tape leaked by Aba The Great gains popularity.

The employee claims that back in SHS, when Kofi Adomah’s father was the one looking after Kofi, Mrs. Miracle Adomah was acquainted with Kofi.

He added that the man chose not to allow them to get married since Kofi Adomah let him down and caused Miracle to become pregnant.

Kofi Adomah and Miracle broke up because their father was against their relationship, and it was then that he met the Kuntunse wife.

The employee described how Kofi Adomah was mistreated by the Kuntunse wife despite the fact that she did everything for her.

He described how Kofi Adomah was repeatedly poisoned, yet despite their legal divorce, he still looks after the Kuntunse wife.

The employee claimed that Mrs. Miracle Adomah physically rented a three-bedroom house for the Kuntunse and is still making water and light payments.

He claimed that the Kuntunse wife, who enjoys defaming Kofi Adomah with falsehoods and drama, was responsible for the audio because she once went to the school where their children attended and rolled about on the ground to make a spectacle about how Kofi Adomah had abandoned the children.

The employee Yakubu denied reports that the Kuntunse wife is confined to her room and asserted that she travels in a vehicle that Mrs. Miracle Adomah bought for her.

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