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Lady accsues her boss of snatching her boyfriend


A lay on Twitter with the handle name @tachaaddict has accused her boss of snatching her long time boyfriend after introducing him to her.

As asserted and bitterly lamented by this lady who is currently beefing with her former boss over a guy, she was fired after she learnt about her boss’ romantic affair with his boyfriend.

Meanwhile, she built the business with her boss from the scratch when no one believed that the business will scale in the future.

@tachaaddict wrote;

My boss (she’s on this twitter) who I worked for, for two good years. Built with her from the scratch. When the business was failing I worked for her for free, until she was finally able to pay. What did she pay me back with? Snatched my FiancĂ© and fired me while at it. Humans!

The lady’s boss who is also on Twitter as @realchristabel has reacted to to the deep accusations that have been poured on her head.

She has threatened to drag the lady to court for defamation of character by dropping false claims about her on the internet.

I suggest that the lady shouldn’t take it personal because her boss and boyfriend fell in love and it wasn’t viable to keep her on board.

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